Will the process change the appearance of my floor?

Not at all. Although a change in friction can be felt, it occurs at a microscopic level. This means that the change to your flooring is practically invisible, and your flooring will retain its original appearance.


Will there be downtime?

No. The process does not involve any coatings that need to dry, so the floor can be walked upon almost straight away. What’s more, we will carry out the process at a time to suit you and your business.


What surfaces can the treatment be used on?

We specialise in ceramic tiles, granite, terrazzo, marble and polished concrete. If you’re unsure about whether your flooring is suitable, give us a call and we can discuss your needs.


What is the life expectancy of non-slip floor treatment?

If well maintained and regularly cleaned, your tiles will retain their grip for a lifetime. Because the process is not a coating, there is nothing to ‘wear off’.


How should I clean my floors?

Continue to clean your floors thoroughly with a PH-neutral cleaner; do not use normal detergent, as it can leave a slippery film when dry. Oily areas should be cleaned daily.


Is there anything that can’t be used on the flooring after applying the treatment?

You should not use any waxy coatings on your flooring after the treatment has been applied. This is because it may alter the friction coefficient. However, you may use floor buffing.