About us

About us

Here at A.S. Tech, we believe in the power of non-slip flooring to make you safe. Our high quality product provides neat and effective protection against slips and accidents, and can be used in a variety of locations.

We are responsible for the full anti-slip flooring process from start to finish. We’ll carry out the initial testing, surveys, and application, as well as providing aftercare assistance. This means you’ll get the best possible customer service.

Our anti-slip flooring product is unique. It is the only treatment process of its kind available today, due to the unique chemistry used by our in-house research and development team. This enables our treatment to reach and surpass required international levels of slip resistance, and leaves polished surfaces brilliantly glossy.

Why use our non-slip treatment?

  Environmentally friendly

  5 year warranty

  Permanent protection



  Retains a high level of gloss

  Standards comply to BS7976

Our team

Paul Smith
Paul Smith
Paul Smith - Director || Mobile: 079565 72401

We’re constnatly hiring new people! So if you do have a practical work experience in this field, please apply!

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