Slippery floor problems?

Problem solved

Anti-slip flooring and treatment

How does it work?

Our anti-slip flooring treatment for hard tiled areas is the  solution to your slip and fall issues. Your flooring  will  feel  smooth and  retain  a high gloss finish, making aftercare extremely easy.

Our unique product, once applied, will permanently treat  the surface by changing the coefficient of friction and increasing the surface area of the tile. This creates a completely  safe  and  slip-resistant  surface, while also being invisible for a flawless finish.

Where can it be used

  Swimming pools
  Office buildings
  Commercial kitchens
  Tiled areas
  Residential buildings
  Shopping malls
  Reception areas
  Fast food outlets
  Care homes

The ultimate non-slip floor covering and treatment

At A.S. Tech, we use a revolutionary non-slip floor covering. This unique product is guaranteed to drastically reduce the hazards of slippery floors from the moment of its application. This groundbreaking non-slip floor treatment does not affect the appearance of your flooring; the only difference you’ll notice is the improved traction!


Marble || Mosaics || Terrazzo || Ceramic || Stone Designer concrete || Porcelain


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5 Year warranty

We're so confident in the effectiveness of our product that we offer a 5 year warranty as standard. With proper aftercare, our non-slip flooring treatment will last as long as the floor itself.

People love our work!

We worked with A.S Tech and we are very happy with their service, delivered what they have promised, we look forward to working with them again. Nucom Interiors – London

Mark Hemsley Nucom Interiors Commercial Director

We were very impressed with A.S.Tech’s product and their professionalism and look forward very much working with these guys in the future. DBC London

Barry Porter DBC London Director

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